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Jump is our program developed in partnership with the Government of Saint Lucia to empower underserved communities across the island with the connectivity and resources they need to succeed. 

Our mission is to enable progress in our country by connecting everyone to the internet. Our goal is to significantly bridge the digital divide within three to five years by providing low-cost internet, devices, and training with the generous support of funding partners.

What does Jump include?


FREE HP Chromebook


Home WiFi


Digital Skills Training

All for EC $22.50 per month

Do I Qualify?

Jump will be made available to families onparticipating government assistance programs.

These families will be offered home Wi-Fi services, digital skills training and a laptop device.

Fill out this form or call us at 1 (758)486-JUMP (5876) to see if you qualify.

Apply Now!



​Jump is available to eligible customers that currently qualify for government assistance programs. Please contact the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice, and Empowerment or your constituency representative to apply. ​

Yes. An eligible Customer is defined as one (1) adult member per family in each household. Anyone residing in the household can connect to the internet service.

Customers can sign up online, through the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice, and Empowerment or through your constituency representative.

​All applicants will be qualified through the Government of St. Lucia and will be required to sign an agreement for internet service with Flow. There will be no specific period or early termination fees which remains at the sole discretion of Flow.

Customers signing up for Jump will not be required to do a credit check but must clear all outstanding balances from previous Flow accounts upon application for service. ​

Customers will be required to pay $22.50 EC for the first month of service and will be billed monthly at the same rate of $22.50 EC for the period of the agreement. ​
There will be no charge for the installation of the internet service provided under Jump.

Customers that have disconnected their Flow internet service within ninety (90) days of application for Jump, will not be eligible to apply for Jump.

The installation of services under Jump will include one (1) ONT/modem/gateway device.

​Key components will include learning the basics, social media skills, introduction to Google+ and Microsoft, knowledge application, and business for professionals.

Jump provides Customers with an internet connection offering download speeds of up to 15Mbps and upload speeds of up to 15Mbps. However, the actual internet speed may vary and is therefore not guaranteed.

Jump customers are not required to pay a standard deposit but are required to pay $22.50 EC which represents their first month’s bill.