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International Plans

The best way to keep in touch with people around the world.

Our international plans make it simple and affordable to call friends and relatives across the globe.

World Pak Plans

World PaK Lite World Pak
$15.64 Monthly $33.75 Monthly
300 Minutes 1000 Minutes
Call any number in the USA, CAN or UK Fixed Lines Call any number in the USA, Canada, China, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico or UK landlines.

For more information on WorldPak & WorldPak Lite click here to view our Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

International Calling Rates

Calls to this zone Zones include Time of Day Calls TO a landline phone Calls TO a mobile phone
Caribbean OECS Day $0.58 $1.15
    Evening $0.58 $1.15
    Weekend $0.58 $1.15
Caribbean Countries Flow operates Day $0.78 $1.33
    Evening $0.78 $1.33
    Weekend $0.78 $1.33
Caribbean Rest of the Caribbean Day $0.98 $1.55
    Evening $0.98 $1.55
    Weekend $0.98 $1.55
US & Canada   Day $1.44 $1.44
    Evening $1.04 $1.04
    Weekend $1.04 $1.04
UK   Day $1.44 $1.44
    Evening $1.04 $1.04
    Weekend $1.04 $1.04
Cuba   Day $3.16 $3.16
    Evening $3.16 $3.16
    Weekend $3.16 $3.16
Rest of the World   Day $1.48 $1.48
    Evening $1.44 $1.44
    Weekend $1.44 $1.44

All prices are VAT inclusive

Time Bands

Daytime : Monday to Friday 6AM - 8PM

Evening : Monday to Friday 8PM - 6 AM

Weekend : Midnight Friday to Midnight Sunday

Ask about our plans designed especially for business customers.

All rates quoted in EC$ per minute, billed per second from the first second.

Credit Card Calling

Stay in touch with friends by using our credit card calling. Call anywhere you want with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.


Call the USA, hassle free by dialing 1-800-225-5872 and following the instructions.