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LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a ‘fourth generation’ (4G) mobile service that delivers reliable and super-fast internet on your smartphone or tablet.
LTE offers faster download and upload speeds that will considerably improve your Internet experience. With LTE, you can essentially use your mobile or tablet like a fixed-line Internet connection.

LTE gives you a faster Internet experience with speeds up to 69Mbps download and up to 25Mbps upload. With LTE being faster than 3G, you will experience faster online gaming, video and music streaming, and app downloads.

To get LTE, you'll need: • An LTE compatible device • An LTE SIM – visit one of our stores to upgrade your SIM to a new LTE compatible SIM for FREE. It's a simple swap.
Yes, your existing device will work on our network, but to take full advantage of the new speeds offered by 4G LTE, you will need an LTE compatible device and SIM card.
In some cases you will need to swap out your SIM to access the LTE network. You can visit any Flow store to check and have your SIM swapped for free after you have signed up for your new LTE data plan.
3G and 4G are earlier mobile data technologies which have slower download and upload speeds. Superfast 4G LTE is built on new infrastructure specifically designed to carry data, and as a result,provides download speeds up to four times faster than earlier technologies.


At this time, our LTE customers are not able to roam on overseas LTE networks. However, we are working to increase our roaming agreements to include LTE. Please also note there will be no material changes to customer’s bills.