Flow | Saint Lucia | Mobile Quick Access

Mobile Quick Access

Dial *129# for quick access to these services

- View your account balance (prepaid or postpaid)

- Activate Prepaid plans or bolt-ons (where available)

- Add credit with card / voucher for you or friends and family

- What's my number

- Send a Please Call Me request

- Flow Faves

and more!

Direct Access Codes  
To check balance Dial *120#
To add credit (your own number) Dial *121#{Card/Voucher Number}#
To Sign Up for Flow  Faves  
- For Faves 7 days* Dial *125*7#
- For Faves 30 days* Dial *125*30#
Faves Enquiry Dial *125*0#
Add a phone number to your Faves list Dial *127*1*{phone number}#
Delete a phone number from your Faves list* Dial *127*0*{phone number}#
Delete all numbers in your Faves list* Dial *127*0*0#

Short Codes

Plan Duration Plan Volume Price To Activate
1 Day 100 MB $2.99 Dial *146*100#
3 Days 250 MB $7.99 Dial *146*250#
7 Days 500 MB $14.99 Dial *146*507#
7 Days 1 GB $23.99 Dial *146*1007#
14 Days 500 MB $24.99 Dial *146*514#
14 Days 1 GB $32.99 Dial *146*1014#
30 Days 1 GB $39.99 Dial *146*1000#
30 Days 3 GB $79.99 Dial *146*3000#
30 Days 5 GB $119.99 Dial*146*5000#

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do we need a new Code?

    Flow  is making the customer experience better, quicker and easier! DIAL one code to access account information or to add services.
  • How is this better than the old code?

    The main benefits are

    - Customers can DIAL not TEXT the code.

    - The response and interaction is instant, in real time!

    - The new code is MENU-driven so there is less to remember!

    - You can do more from your phone any time of day!
  • Call all customers use the new code?

    Yes. The new code works for all mobile customers.
  • Is there a charge for using this service?

    No. There is no access charge. Accessing the MENU using *129# is FREE to all mobile customers. If you sign up for services (e.g. AllTalk Plus) using the MENU, you will pay service charges for that mobile service as advertised by Flow.
  • How do I use the Menu?

    Making a selection from the MENU will depend on the type of mobile phone you have.

    - Dial *129# to get into the MENU

    - Nokia phones: Press ANSWER, then the option NUMBER from the MENU. Then press SEND.

    - Samsung phones : Press the OK button, then the option NUMBER from the MENU, then press the OK button again.

    - BlackBerry® smartphones: Enter the option NUMBER from the MENU. Then press the trackpad or trackball to send. To select a number using the QWERTY keypad, press the ALT button then the number required.
  • What is "What is?" as seen on the Menu?

    "What is" gives general information on Prepaid Plans which can be activated and bought directly from your phone.
  • Do the old codes still work?

    Yes. The old short message service (SMS) codes and keywords which customers text will continue to work for a while. However, we urge customers to use the new code as Flow will, over time, phase out the old codes.
  • Can I use the new code when roaming overseas?

    Yes. Once the roaming partner allows it, you can use the new code while roaming, at no charge. However customers will not be able to purchase a prepaid plan while roaming.