Flow | Saint Lucia | Billing


How do I pay my bill online?

Paying your bill is easy. Go to https://discoverflow.co/.

Flow Accounts:

  • Go to https://discoverflow.co/.
  • Select your country
  • Click Account
  • Log in with your specific username and password.
  • Click on My Accounts.
  • Click on Pay next to the account you want wish to pay

Enter your amount you want to pay. Click the check box next to the account. Click the Recalculate link and then Next Enter your credit information and click Next Confirm your payment information and then Click Submit to complete your bill payment

Flow Accounts: · Select Make Payment · Select Current Balance or enter your amount you want to pay. · Enter your credit information and click Proceed · Verify information then select Confirm to complete payment.

What can I do if I made a payment but it did not appear on my account?

With your payment receipt, take note of the:

  • Payment location
  • Receipt number
  • Payment date
  • Amount paid and
  • Account number on the receipt

And contact us using one of the three easy methods below.

  • Chat Online with one of our agents.
  • Call at 1 800 804 2994
  • Call 100 from your Flow mobile

What happens if I make a mistake and the payment goes to the wrong customer account?

If you make a mistake entering the number and the payment transaction is concluded, you should contact Customer Care at 1 800 804 2994 or 100 from your Flow mobile.

What should I do if I am having problems paying my bill?

If you’re having problems paying your bills, we’ll do all we can to help. Remember, the earlier you get in touch with us, the sooner we can work together to sort things out.

What should I do if I see calls I don’t recognise on my bill?

We’ve all done it – opened a bill and thought, “I didn’t call that number!”

In many cases, there’s a simple answer – it may just be a one-off call to a person or company you rang on one occasion. For example:

• Did you call your car insurance company to renew your policy, or call your gas or electricity company?

• Did you enter any competitions on TV, or take part in a TV vote for something?

If it’s not any of these, is it possible that someone else in your home made the call? It’s worth checking with everyone to make sure.

If you still think that it is not a call that should be on your bill, then please contact us.

Why have I been charged for more than one month's service?

If you change any of your services part way through the month, your next bill will include any refunded service charges for removed items, and partial charges for any added items.

Any partial month charge or credit covers the period from the date you changed your service to your monthly billing date.

If you’ve changed more than one thing, we’ll combine those charges into one single partial month charge or credit.

If you’ve just joined Flow, you’ll have a partial month charge for your services from the date you joined us up to the date of your first bill.