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The Talk‐away discount will be removed from your account to facilitate the bundled minutes plan.  

No, this is a Bolt‐on plan that can be added to your existing fixed line plan.

There is no contractual agreement for this plan, it is a subscription plan that requires the customers to request the service or terminate the service at their leisure.  

No, LIME Mobile customers can not subscribe to this plan as it is only available to Residential Fixed Line customers.  

No, calls to LIME region is considered as out of plan hence you will be required to pay for such calls

Yes, this service will be billed monthly providing a request was not made by the customer to terminate the service whether the minutes are used or not.  

Yes, the IDD minutes will be pro‐ rated to coincide with the charges.  

The flat rate monthly charge will be posted on your telephone bill. The charge will be
prorated in the first month depending on the time of the month you requested the

 No.  The plan is only available to new and existing Residential Fixed Line post‐paid customers.  

To subscribe to the service, the customer will be required to call into the contact
centre 1800 804 2994

 Calls to destinations that are not included in the bundle will be charged the regular rates.  

After exhausting the minutes in the plan the customer will be charged the regular International rates to the destination being called.  

This is a  Fixed Line International Bundled minutes plan for residential post‐paid customers only with a LIME Fixed Line.  The customer can purchase a bundled of International minutes at a fixed monthly charge. These bundles can be used to call China, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, USA, Canada, and UK Fixed.  

The NetSpeak service is dependent on your high-speed Internet connection, so if your connection is not working, the NetSpeak service will not work. If you are a LIME Broadband customer, contact Customer Support at 811 on the LIME network to resolve the connection problem. If you are not a LIME Broadband customer, contact your local ISP

Pickup the handset connected to the NetSpeak device and dial your number. To make an international call, dial your overseas number as you normally would from a traditional fixed line or mobile phone.

Yes. Any standard telephone will work with NetSpeak. Connect the base of your cordless phone to your telephone adapter and walk around your house while you talk

A terminal adapter, or MTA, allows you to use a standard or cordless telephone to make calls over your broadband Internet connection. If you are using a standard telephone with your NetSpeak service, you need a NetSpeak terminal adapter.

To use the NetSpeak service, you need a broadband Internet connection, a NetSpeak terminal adaptor, a standard phone, and, in some situations, a router.