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Prepaid rollover occurs when a customer repurchases a plan or purchases a new plan before their existing plan expires. The customer’s usage allotment is then extended by the expiry date of the new plan. For example, Shakira buys a 10GB data plan June 01. This plan expires in 30 days on June 30. On June 29, Shakira still has 2GB of data on her plan and wants it to rollover. If Shakira purchases a new 10GB data plan on June 29, she will have 12GB of data expiring on July 29. The same applies for unused minutes or SMS.

Rollover is active for all prepaid combo and standalone data plans.

No, only local plans are eligible for rollover.

Prepaid Rollover is a benefit for prepaid combo plans where unused data, voice or sms from your last plan purchase rolls over.

No; prepaid customers who allow their plans to autorenew will not be able to benefit from rollover. This is because autorenew occurs when the customer’s current plan expires and a new plan is automatically purchased. If the customer’s allotment expires there will be no allotments to rollover.

No; once a plan has expired, the allowances are no longer available.

There's no additional cost for Rollover. It's an included benefit with all prepaid combo and standalone data plans. You'll be enrolled automatically.

Unused prepaid allotments will continue to rollover as long as the customer purchases a new plan before the current plan expires.