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FLOW Upgrades Broadband Network across St Vincent and the Grenadines

Customers using the Internet service provided by FLOW should be experiencing an improvement following network upgrades completed during the month of May. On Wednesday April 26, President of Cable and Wireless Caribbean Garfield "Garry" Sinclair promised an improvement in the service by May and according to Country Manager of FLOW Wayne Hull, FLOW has installed several new pieces of equipment on the mainland and in Bequia.

With the installation of this equipment, FLOW has lived up to its promise of an improved network in the time-frame that Sinclair had specified.

Speaking on Wednesday May 24th, Hull said that they have increased the company's Downstream (DS) channels from 8 DS channels to 12 DS channels.

"As a result of this increase we have added an additional 140Mbps to each node group. The additional bandwidth increases the total bandwidth available on each node group from 280Mbps to 420Mbps", said Hull. The Country manager added also that the nodes on the mainland now have an increased DS capacity of 50%.

Flow Back to School Fair

FLOW continues to come up with ways to positively impact the lives of the nation's youths.

Their latest initiative, 'Back to School Fair', held last week Thursday September 1st saw hundreds of the country's school children pampered on FLOW's Halifax Street promenade.

Boys were treated to free haircuts while girls got their hair braided for free. Students were also given health and ear exams compliments the Retired Nurses Association. A number of persons received school supplies including back packs and notebooks.

According to Marketing and Communication Executive at FLOW Melissa Veira, a total of 92 boys got haircuts while 40 girls got hairstyles. Ninety-five persons got free ear and health checks.

Veira said that the event which ran from 8 pm was done for the first time last year. She noted that FLOW partnered with Styling Chic, Tusty Water, Star Distributors and Inava Natural Fruit Juices to make the event possible. All haircuts were done by professional barbers Etchron Prince and Sadique Walker who both commented that they appreciate the opportunity to give back.

"This is just one of our many give back initiatives and our way of supporting students and education on a whole", said Veira. A number of parents who benefitted thanked FLOW, stressing that it helped save time and money.

This year, telecommunications company FLOW expanded its annual Internet Summer Program and while they had originally catered for 250 persons, the initiative ended up serving over 400 participants island wide.

“We kept on increasing the classes because of the demand”, explained Nikala Williams, Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager at FLOW.

Speaking during the closing ceremony of the program which was held last Tuesday at the Methodist Church Hall in Kingstown, Williams revealed that the program saw 390 students take park at their Arnos Vale location, 22 kids and 10 seniors at the Fitz Hughes location and 15 students at the North Union Learning Resource Centre.

“We feel great to see the program went so well”, stressed Williams.

Also addressing the gathering, Nolene Sutherland who tutored the participants in North Union thanked parents who signed up their kids.

She said that while the students knew how to use the computer, the main purpose was to show them how to effectively use the computer. Sutherland said that students were introduced to basic hardware, software and how to make the computer work efficiently among other things.

Programs taught to participants included Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Students were also shown how they can benefit in their academic and personal life by using a computer. They were also shown how to use programs that spoke to their creativity. These programs included Microsoft Publisher and students created flyers, postcard and calendars. They were also introduced to Windows Movie Maker and as a result the North Windward group made a short advertisement which was shared with staff at FLOW.

“This program has been around for years and for the first time it went to the Windward and Leeward and we are very thankful and grateful”, stressed Sutherland.

Country Manager at FLOW Wayne Hull described the 2016 edition of their program as “the biggest most historic program ever”.

He said that the company is hoping to make the program even bigger next year and expand into the Grenadines.

Special Olympics gets computer from FLOW


KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent (August 23rd, 2016) – Chairman of Special Olympics St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SOSVG) Errol Allen has praised telecommunications company FLOW for their recent donation of a computer to SOSVG.

Speaking during the handing over ceremony this week, Allen noted that SOSVG is in the process of further growing the organisation and as a result, a Peace Corp volunteer will be joining the team soon.

“This equipment comes at the right time because we had to provide office equipment for that person”, stressed Allen who said that they are very grateful for the Dell OptiPlex 3040 personal computer (PC).

Also present at the handing over were Special Needs Athlete (Bocce and Track and Field) Laverne Allick and National Director, SOSVG Sezevra Joseph.

“It’s always good when the community can get together”, said Joseph of the donation while adding that the SOSVG initiative is of great importance because, “athletes get more exposure and can interact better with persons because of involvement with Special Olympics activities”.

She added that the activities are focused on taking message to Vincentians as there still is stigma around persons with intellectual disabilities so when FLOW supports an initiative like this it is a show of great corporate responsibility. Allick thanked FLOW on behalf of the other athletes.

#Talk &WinWithFLOW

FLOW Internet Summer School in action!

At the end of the 2016 school summer break, over 270 children and a number of retirees would have learnt more about computers and the Internet, thanks to communications giant FLOW.

The students' and elderlies' knowledge would have come from them taking part in FLOW's 2016 Internet Summer School which began on Tuesday and is expected to run for four weeks at the company's conference room located on its Arnos Vale compound.

Addressing the students on opening day of the program, Country Manager Wayne Hull encouraged students to pay attention to the tutor.

"You are going to learn a lot of new stuff and I hope that your time here is exciting and you get to ask lots of questions", said Hull. The Country Manager said that the program has been held over 10 years as it came about back when FLOW was still known as Cable and Wireless and the Internet was being introduced here.

The program, which has 270 children signed up will see one batch of students being tutored in the morning and a different batch receiving lessons in the evening. Each batch will be tutored for a week by Information Communication Technology teacher SheddieConliffe of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School. Conliffe explained that the youngsters have been placed in two age groups, 7 to 10, 11 to 14 and 15 to 18.

He said that the younger age group will cover the basics, what is a computer system, how to properly use a computer, how to give instructions, cyber bullying, internet safety and computer safety. They will finish off by taking part in a worldwide program which is aimed at teaching children about coding and at getting children to perform basic coding and basic problem solving tasks that involves critical thinking that could be applied in all aspects of life.

Conliffe said that the children will also take part in a humanitarian project sponsored by the World Food Programme (WFP) called 'Free Rice', where the children will go to a website and answer questions and for every correct answer the WFP will donate ten grains of rice to needy persons.

In relation to the age group 15 to 18, these students will look at video production, photo editing, cyber security, Internet searching, netiquette and ways to protect yourself online.

"They will look at digital footprint because they will be going off to the job market soon and in this digital age where employers will be checking online history, we want to look at protecting online history and how to paint a good picture of yourself", explained Conliffe.

Nikala Williams, Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager at FLOW described the program as a worthwhile investment.

"We started over ten years ago and we found that it was very impactful. This is money well spent because there are lots of kids who got their very first experience with computers through this program", said Williams who mentioned local app creator Cenus Hinds as coming out of this program. Williams added, "we want to keep it going and we invest in this program because we believe in educating SVG one child at a time. This is our little bit we are doing and we are going to continue doing it because it is worth it".

Williams noted that while the classes were supposed to be around 25 students a class, more parents took up the opportunity than last year. "Some parents just dropped off children and we couldn't turn them away so we have an excess so it looks like we might have to run another week", said Williams who added that they are hoping to expand the program next year.

"We want to expand next year if we get more computers.We encourage students to bring their own laptops as the tutor will download special programs that they can take with them. Our biggest challenge is making sure we have enough computers", stressed Williams.

Small receives E-pan from FLOW

Local panist Rodney Small has upped his game, becoming the first pan man here, with the help of telecommunications provider FLOW, to procure one of the latest inventions, the electric steel pan or 'e-pan'.

The e-pan is the world's first electronic steelpan. It was created by Salmon Cupid, a Trinidadian residing in Canada. Last Friday on telecommunication company FLOW's promenade on Halifax Street, Senior Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager at FLOW Nikala Williams handed over the instrument to Small.

"The e-pan was our way of supporting Rodney as not only a FLOW ambassador but as a Vincentian ambassador making great strides in music and the creative arts on a whole", said Williams.

She added, "We felt that the addition of the e-pan will further enhance his performances and help him to stand out even more among his peers both locally and abroad. We are hoping that the e-pan adds another noteworthy dimension to pan music".

Thanking FLOW, Small said that it is a great feeling to receive this type of support. "It shows that there are persons who still have faith in the instrument. With this new innovation it would help to bring more attraction to the instrument especially in this new world of technology. I want to publicly thank FLOW for getting me the e-pan and I would certainly use it to help develop and uplift the art form and enhance my performances", stressed Small.

Speaking about the benefits of the e-pan, Small said, "you can play and it writes or scores your music for you, it has tones of a number of different instruments".

The established panist also praised the invention, "I think it's a good look for the steel pan art form because the world is swiftly moving to the world of technology. However the real deal, the oil drum, would always be priority".

FLOW is proud of Konservi Mobile App Launch

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent (June 6, 2016)- FLOW is very pleased to see the official launch of the Konservi mobile marketing app. It is the only mobile-first advertising platform in the Caribbean that is guaranteed to result in more targeted eye-balls than any other platform.The mobile subscription in St. Vincent and the Grenadines has skyrocketed from 9982 in 2002 to 136,485 in 2012 as users find new ways to consume mobile content.

Konservi was created by Cenus Hinds a product of FLOW's internet summer school program which has been a staple in the company for over 12 years. The internet summer school is a free 1 week workshop geared towards imparting technology information to students from age 8 to 18. The program covers areas such as introduction to computers, internet safety and even web site design for the older kids.

After the completion of the summer school 2 years ago, FLOW held its first ever app competition here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Cenus Hinds emerged as the winner. FLOW has since contributed over 15,000 to ensure this remarkable young man was successful at launching the Konservi App and also receive the international recognition and exposure this mobile advertising App deserves.

FLOW is dedicated to supporting learning through technology and will continue to invest heavily in education here in St Vincent and the Grenadines by continuing to support initiatives such as:

  • Internet Summer School
  • National Scholarship program
  • Public speaking competition
  • Tertiary school internship program
  • Providing reduced internet to low income homes

And even providing internet access to learning institutions throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines

The Flow family applauds and congratulates Cenus and looks forward to continued great successes from him. FLOW will also like to take this opportunity to encourage the youths in various communities to take motivation from Cenus's great achievements. #this is how we connect

Junior artistes liven up FLOW promenade

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent (June14th, 2016)-Telecommunications company FLOW has embarked on an initiative that will allow a number of the country's calypsonians, both junior and senior, to showcase their art to the general public in a festive atmosphere.

The move by FLOW, which took form last Friday June 10th, will allow calypsonians to perform on the company's Halifax Street promenade at chosen times. Last Friday, a number of the country's junior calypsonians took to the promenade where they entertained persons with their 2016 releases.

On show were 11-year-old Omrie Davy of the New Prospect Primary School, 10-year-old Ziel Caine also of the New Prospect Primary School, Kristian 'Lil Kris' Christopher of the Layou Government School, Deantai Davis of the West St George Secondary School and Kristiana 'Singing Kristie' Christopher of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School.

Davy who will take part in this year's Junior Calypso Monarch competition did a song on Friday entitled 'Oh I love my Soca' while Caine who will also compete did 'Our Culture. Lil Kris, last year's Junior Calypso Monarch (primary school category) performed 'Break the Silence'. Davis did for the gathering 'Our Culture' while Singing Kristie who placed second in last year's Junior Calypso Competition (secondary school category) did 'We have come far'. Senior Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager at FLOW Nikala Williams said that the shows on the promenade are being held to bring recognition and awareness to Calypso.

"What we did is that we started off with the junior calypsonians today (Friday 10th) and week after next (Friday June 24th), we are going to do the senior Calypsonians because we find that a lot of attention is being given to Soca but not enough to Calypso", said Williams who added, "we want to provide a stage so when they get in the park more persons would want to go out and support Calypso".

She said that the juniors performed their songs, probably for the first time in public and it allowed persons present the opportunity to hear the renditions. "Some people don't get a chance to make it to the tents or the junior shows because they are busy…persons here were grooving. Some persons don't normally listen to the music so providing this stage and platform is really a plus and we are really looking to get it bigger for next year".

The event had as MC, eight time Soca Monarch champion and FLOW ambassador Delroy 'Fireman' Hooper. Entertainment was also provided by a number of up and coming artistes, namely singers from the 'No Definition' group, 'Young Tal', 'Suma Drew', 'Small Circle', 'Verjal' and 'London Ice'.

Also entertaining the promenade gathering was Nickolos 'Vision' Hector with his song 'Mad Intention'. Vision who is from Fairbairn Pasture released his first song this year.

Fireman also entertained with freestyle calypso while each junior calypsonian received FLOW goodie bag with an EC$50 shopping voucher.

Miss SVG thanks supporters during Motorcade

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent (June14th, 2016)-A number of persons were last Friday June 11th given the opportunity to interact with Miss SVG 2016 Nikianna Williams thanks to her sponsors telecommunications company FLOW.

Williams was taken on a motorcade by FLOW which saw her moving through Kingstown, greeting and thanking her many well-wishers and supporters. After the motorcade, Williams proceeded to FLOW's Halifax Street location where she took time to take selfies and talk to adoring fans.

According to Senior Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager at FLOW Nikala Williams, Friday afternoon was a celebration of Williams' and FLOW's big win at the 2016 Miss SVG pageant which was held at Carnival City, Victoria Park on Saturday June 4th.

Said Nikala, "Miss FLOW Nikianna Williams is the very first Miss FLOW because we always had a Miss LIME so we wanted to celebrate her win and give her the opportunity to say thanks to the people and recognize the persons who supported her".

Nikala said that the motorcade around Kingstown was a huge success and FLOW is considering doing it for as second time so that even more persons can interact with Nikianna.

"It went absolutely wonderful, lots of persons came out onto the streets. A lot of persons wanted to say congratulations to her and never got to so I think that was something we might want to do again because we saw the streets lined with hundreds of persons", said Nikala.