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4G networks give you higher data speeds even compared to 3G. Not only will you experience greater coverage on 4G but you will also get faster Internet connection, an improved browsing experience, shorter download times and faster access to applications. Simply put 4G enhances the mobile lifestyle and experience.

No, calls to Flow region is considered as out of plan hence you will be required to pay for such calls.

You can record your own personal greeting when you set up your voicemail. If you have already set up your voicemail please dial , press SEND and follow the prompts to record your own greeting.

In the far right hand corner of your screen your device will display '3G' or 'HSPA' or 'HSDPA' or in some instances it may simply show an 'H'. The icon displayed varies according to the handset or device make and/or model.

Yes, this service will be billed monthly providing a request was not made by the customer to terminate the service whether the minutes are used or not.

Accessing your voicemail is free and easy.

Dial and press SEND.The voicemail will say "Welcome to your voice message centre, I will be helping you to set up your own personal mailbox".

Press 8, Then 7 and the voicemail will say "Enter 4-10 digits for your passcode". When you have finished press the #.

Voicemail will say "Remember your passcode for the next time that you log in" and you are done!

Flow has a plan to launch 4G across the Caribbean. Our customers in Cayman and Barbados will be the first to enjoy 4G in 2011! Our plan, is that you will be enjoying the fastest network you can imagine on a mobile device before this Christmas! If anything changes, we will let you know.

Yes, the IDD minutes will be pro-rated to coincide with the charges.

Local calls require just the area code and number. For example, if you're dialling a number in Alexandria Virginia while you are in Washington DC, just dial 1703 for the area code and then the local number.

No. Existing customers will be able to enjoy the new 4G network speeds as long as they have a mobile Internet data plan or BlackBerry data plan and compatible mobile phone or BlackBerry device. Customers may also upgrade their mobile data plans as their data usage patterns change.


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