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This innovative STB lets you enjoy and watch High Definition TV, with menus and on-screen navigation that are easy to use, and combines a multitude of functions in a bright and user- friendly interface.


Installation & Service Fees


Service Type Description Fee (VAT incl.)
Security Deposit One time discretionary fee. $125.00
Additional Video Fees Additional Video set top box monthly rental (additional outlet rental fee applicable to all boxes after the 1st box). $9.99 / MTH.
New Installation - Service Upgrade Existing Karib Cable customer migrating to Flow's network - applies to existing single, double and triple play customers. FREE
New Installation Fee includes installation of up to two (2) video set top boxes and / or one (1) modem. $99.00
Addl. Video Installation Each additional set top box installed (in excess of two (2) outlets DURING initial installation). $23.00
  Each additional set top box installed (AFTER initial installation) $46.00
Addl. Installation Customer already has one Flow service, requests another service. $46.00
Service Relocation Location already wired for Flow digital service. $46.00
  Location NOT wired for Flow digital service. $99.00
Equipment Relocation Relocating equipment from one room to another (same location). $46.00
Replacement Remote If lost, damaged or stolen. $46.00
Re-connection Fees Voluntary Disconnection - Re-connection after customer requested disconnection. $23.00
  Involuntary Disconnection - Re-connection after involuntary disconnection (non-pay disconnection). $69.00
Late Fees 2.5% of total outstanding balances due. 2.5%
Damaged Set Top Box Replcement of damaged STB by customer $380.00

Maximum Allowances:

Video - Maximum of four (4) set top boxes per account.

Broadband - Maximum of one (1) modem per account.