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Super-Fast Broadband Plans

Say hello to fast, reliable and hassle free surfing, sharing and streaming across all your devices at blazing fast speeds of up to 500Mbps!

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We work hard to provide reliable, best performance and fast speed broadband services that delights you everyday!

Installation and equipment

Flow has a wide variety of modems & routers for you to enjoy the best experiences, with the most reliable connection and high super-fast speeds. Connect all your smart devices in your home and live at the top!


Yes. You can share a single Flow Broadband connection between two or more computers. You’ll need a router that all the computers can communicate with, either wirelessly or wired (with network cabling).

No. Any device connected to the modem receives public IP addresses, so if you need protection, you’ll have to install a software firewall to your PCs or buy a hardware firewall and attach it directly to your modem.

The modem is not a router so there’s no configuration page available. The modem’s sole purpose is to issue IP addresses, so no other configuration is possible.

If through your own negligence your modem becomes damaged or lost, you’ll be charged for a replacement.

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