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Some modems are equipped with a battery, so simply removing the modem from the AC power source has no effect on the reset. Try resetting your modem by pressing the reset button on the back of the modem.

Yes. You can order Flow’s Broadband service without ordering Flow’s TV service. You’ll just need to pay the installation fee.

Your Flow standard modem ‘remembers’ the first device (laptop, router, PC) connected to it and will only give you access to this device. It’s likely that the modem is remembering the previous device that was plugged into it and is refusing to issue an IP to another device. Try resetting the modem to clear its memory.

There could be interference from other wireless devices, such as phones, remotes, or video games. Try changing the wireless channel on your router – most have up to 11.

The Flow standard modem only gives out one public IP address to the first device detected by the modem (switches are not IP addressable devices). Any other devices you plug into the switch won’t receive a new IP address. If you want to connect more than one device at a time, you’ll need a dedicated router that uses DHCP (such as Linksys, D-Link, Cisco or others).

This happens when your computer isn’t receiving a valid IP address from the Flow modem. If you follow the steps below, the problem should be resolved.

  1. Check the Ethernet cable connecting your computer to the modem.
  2. Reset your modem.
  3. If you’re using a router, reset the router.
  4. Right-click on the network connection and repair the modem.

On DC battery power, the modem gives you 15 minutes for Broadband service and the rest of the battery power is reserved for telephone service. This is still the case even if your modem doesn’t have telephone service installed. In some cases, the node providing internet service to the area loses power, and your service will be unavailable until power has returned to the node (even if you have battery power).

Here are a few things you can try. First, your modem may need to be reset. To reset, press the reset button on the back of the modem. If you still can’t browse, check to see whether your network card on your computer is connected and enabled by clicking on the network icon on your computer desktop. If your network card is disabled, you can repair your network connection by right-clicking on the icon and selecting the option to repair the network connection. If you have a router installed, you can reset the router and modem by unplugging the power cable on the router, then pressing the reset button on the modem, and finally by plugging back in the router to its power source. If you still can’t get online, call our Internet Helpdesk at 223-FLOW (3569)

The Power and the DS lights on my modem are on steady, but I can’t browse the internet. It sounds like the coaxial cable might not be properly screwed into the modem. Try screwing it in tightly. If you still can’t get online, call our Internet Helpdesk at 223-FLOW (3569).

If through your own negligence your modem becomes damaged or lost, you’ll be charged for a replacement.

No. Any device connected to the modem receives public IP addresses, so if you need protection, you’ll have to install a software firewall to your PCs or buy a hardware firewall and attach it directly to your modem.


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