Nope! We want you to love your bundle choice, so you can switch between bundle packages at any time without penalty.

Yes, existing bundled customers will be permitted to sign up for the Flow Ultra bundle. The penalty fee will be waivered in these cases.

No, you will not be required to sign a contract.

You can upgrade your Home Phone package to any of the following:
Home Phone Plus (600 mins) - $84.00 VAT Inclusive additional per month (Total bundle price will be $609.00 VAT Inclusive per month)
Home Phone Max (1800 mins) - $130.00 VAT Inclusive additional per month (Total bundle price will be $655.00 VAT Inclusive per month)
You can also subscribe to one of our additional add on minutes packages. Regular rates will apply.

We have a wide variety of add on packages for you to choose from.
Optional Package Options

Package nameNumber of channelsPrice TTD (VAT Inclusive)
Flow Ultra Entertainment16$35.00
Flow Ultra World16$35.00
Flow Ultra Sports8$35.00
Flow Ultra Music11$35.00
Flow Ultra Spanish6$35.00
B4U Combo2$48.90
Flow Flicks – FOX Premium10$97.82
Flow Flicks - MAX4$43.03

A La Carte Options*

Channel NamePrice TTD (VAT Inclusive)
Adult Package$79.00
Zee Cinema$34.23
Ten Cricket$39.12
TV 5$39.12

With Flow EVO, customers will enjoy:

                a. Being able to view High definition(HD) programming.
                b. Features such as pause and rewind live TV and the ability to restart any live show from the beginning.
                c. Record and playback saved programs from any room in the house (cloud recording storage packages sold separately).
                d. Enhanced user interface with the Video on Demand feature. Enjoy the latest blockbuster movies right from the comfort of your home and get access to lots of free content with something for the entire family.


The Flow Ultra bundle will only be available for Flow EVO customers. Existing Digital TV customers can subscribe to the Flow Ultra bundle once they are upgrading to Flow EVO.

You will not be able to change the base TV and Broadband packages in the Flow Ultra bundle; however, you do have the option to upgrade your Home Phone package. You can also add on one of our Flow Ultra theme packs, additional movie packages and A La Carte channels

The Flow Ultra bundle will have a wide variety of programming, suitable for the entire family.
Local programming – 16 channels
Entertainment – 49 channels
Kids – 8 channels
Sports – 11 channels
News – 9 channels
Premium Movies – 7 channels
Audio music – 50 channels

$525.00 VAT Inclusive per month

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