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Each cable modem can handle two telephone lines. You’ve got a range of options if two lines are activated – they can either have separate accounts (and separate bundles and separate billing for each account) or they can be billed under one account (with one set of bundled minutes shared between the two lines). With the second option, you pay for a bundle plus an additional outlet. See pricing bundles for details. If you request more than two lines, you’ll need another modem for every additional two lines. In other words, you’ll need two modems for three or four lines, and three modems for five or six lines, and so on.

We’re sorry, but your unused minutes don’t rollover to the next month.

No. You can use any ordinary telephone on your Flow line. Please note: Cordless phones operating at 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz frequencies may receive interference from wireless Wi-Fi networks that operate on the same frequencies, which may result in the call quality being adversely affected or even calls dropping. To avoid this, we suggest you choose a handset that operates in a different frequency band.
If I need extensions on a single telephone line provided in multiple rooms throughout my house, can Flow provide this service?
We’re sorry, we can’t provide this service for you, however, you can purchase a multi handset cordless phone which will enable the same functionality without having to run lines.

There are several ways to order Flow home phone services:

1. Call 223-FLOW (3569)

2. Visit any Customer Care Retail Store

3. Email


There’s no dial tone.
If you don’t have a dial tone, here’s a list of things to check:

First make sure the coaxial cable is securely attached to the back of the modem.

Next, make sure it’s not cracked or broken. If it is cracked or broken, please call our Customer Care Call Centre at 223-FLOW (3569).

Double-check that the modem is securely plugged into the electrical outlet.

Make sure the modem’s power and battery lights are on.

Check that your phone cables are securely plugged in and are not cracked or broken. If necessary, secure the connections and replace the cracked or broken cords.

Finally, make sure that all phones connected to the line are hung up properly.
There’s a dial tone, but I can’t call out.
Follow these steps for a cordless phone:

Make sure there’s electricity going to the wall outlet where the phone base for is plugged in.

Check the battery indicator on the handset to see if it needs charging.

Double-check that the phone is working properly. Try connecting a phone that you know for certain is working. If you still can’t dial out, then please contact our Customer Care Centre at 223-FLOW (3569).

See if you’ve got a pre-recorded message on your phone about temporary suspension of service. If you do have this pre-recorded message, please contact Flow's Customer Care Centre at 223-FLOW (3569).
Calling Features

To enable the automatic blocking of anonymous calls dial *77

To redial the last incoming call dial *69

To disable caller ID on a per call basis dial *82

To block caller ID for outgoing calls dial *67

To enable caller ID blocking dial *20

To disable call forwarding when line is not answered dial *93

Got any additional questions? We are happy to help!