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There are no restrictions on Flow Wi-Fi, you can browse the internet or use social media sites, e.g. Face book, Instagram, etc. However, we do recommend, as with all public Wi-Fi networks, that you refrain from completing any financial transactions or sharing personal data on the network.

Follow these four simple steps to connect to Flow Wi-Fi:

Once your Wi-Fi is enabled, search for available networks and select ‘Flow Wi-Fi’.Review our terms and conditions, once agreed please tick box and select the log in tab.You will be redirected to the Flow ID page. Use your Flow ID username and password to log in to Flow ID. Please use your email address as your Flow ID username. If you do not have a Flow ID, click the “Create a Flow ID” button and follow the instructions to create your Flow ID. Once created, enter your Flow ID username and password to log in to Flow ID.

Once logged in successfully, you can now start enjoying your Free Wi-Fi.

You are Flow Wi-Fi Ready!

All Flow residential Internet customers will automatically have access to Flow Wi-Fi at no charge when launched.

No, Flow Wi-Fi will not impact the speeds of your primary residential Internet service as it uses a separate data access portal.

No, you will not be able to access Flow Wi-Fi in your home. You will only have access to your primary Internet connection.

No, this service will not show up on your monthly bill.
Yes, currently this service is FREE to all Flow Broadband residential customers
Flow Wi-Fi offers speeds of up to 10Mbps download and up to 3Mbps upload

All Flow residential Internet customers in good standing are eligible to enjoy this new feature.

Flow Wi-Fi is a new feature offered to existing residential Internet customers which gives access to free Wi-Fi on the go.

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Yes, a 1-year or 2-year agreement is required with all of our bundles.