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HBO Max® will be available in Latin America and the Caribbean on June 29.

Yes, you can opt out at any time. Simple call our contact centre at 1 (868) 223- 3569 or send us an email at and one of our helpful agents will assist. Please note that it may take up to 2 weeks for the Flow Wi-Fi to be disabled on your modem

Call centre process flow:

Step : 1 FLOW BB Customer unwilling to grant access to Flow Wi-Fi.

Step : 2 Customer contacts FLOW call center and speaks to an agent.

Step : 3 Detail explanation of the benefits of Flow Wi-Fi and confirmation.

Step : 4 Agent advises service blocked and reconnect anytime.

At this time, only 1 person per Flow ID account will be able to access Flow Wi-Fi at any point in time.

No, any Wi-Fi enabled device can access this service e.g. Tablets, mobile phones, etc. except smart televisions.

Yes, Flow Trinidad will not restrict any access to other Wi-Fi locations but please note we do not manage these environments.

No, this product is only available to Flow residential Internet customers.

Once you enable Wi-Fi on your device, the “Flow Wi-Fi” network will appear in the list of available networks. It will only be visible in locations that have access to Flow Wi-Fi.

Yes, once your account is in good standing you will regain access to Flow Wi-Fi.

No, if your account is disconnected you will not have access to Flow Wi-Fi.

Yes, customers will still have access to the service at no cost, providing that they are in good standing.

To create a Flow ID account simply go to, click the “Create a Flow ID” button and follow the instructions to create your Flow ID. Once created, enter your Flow ID username and password to log in to Flow ID.