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When ordering PPV movies/events you will need to enter a PIN or PPV password. This isn’t meant to deter you from using the service but rather to give you more control of this service and to prevent unauthorised purchases on your account.

Programs that are purchased are registered on our billing system on a fixed schedule, so it’s possible for a program purchased within one month to be reflected in the next month’s bill. You can use the purchase review on your set top box to check all purchased programs that have not been sent for billing yet.

You can see what’s showing at any time by browsing the Interactive Programme Guide (IPG). The IPG holds seven days of programming information starting from the current day.

The prices vary based on the content you wish to purchase. You’ll always know how much you’re going to pay because you’ll see the price of each selection before you confirm your purchase.

Yes. You can purchase an event up to 15 minutes after it starts.
What types of programming can I order on PPV?
With Flow PPV, you can order the following types of programming:

Adult content (12-hour blocks)
Sporting events

Times reflected on the monthly bills are the times Flow begins playing movies. This time could represent a block of programming or an all-day pass, so these times may vary from the items you actually purchase.

The very first PPV purchase made on a new set top prompts customers to enter a PIN (in cases where parental controls had not been used before). Your PIN controls purchases thereafter. Once that code or PIN is entered correctly for a PPV purchase, the billing process is initiated and your bill will be automatically charged if the service isn’t cancelled before the scheduled start. We strongly recommend that you:

1. Protect your PIN
2. Make sure that the Settings menu for your set top box requires a PIN for all PPV purchases.

These error messages could be showing up for different reasons, such as:

1. The PPV system is down.

2. There’s insufficient credit on your account for purchasing.

3. Entering an incorrect PIN.

4. The time or date for ordering the movie may have already passed.

You can change your PIN by going into Parental Control from the Settings menu. You’ll be asked for your current PIN. When you enter your PIN, you will be given the option to change your PIN. Choose ‘Change PIN.’ You’ll be asked to enter your original PIN again, and then you will be asked to enter your new PIN twice. When this is done, you’ll see a screen that says New PIN Accepted. Press C to exit.

Your Pay Per View charges will apply unless you cancel a pending purchase in advance. To do so, just follow the steps below:

1. Press the MENU button until the Setting Menu is displayed

2. Use the UP/DOWN arrow buttons to highlight the Purchase Review preference and press the RIGHT arrow button

3. Use the UP/DOWN arrow buttons to highlight the pending purchase you wish to cancel

4. Press the SELECT/OK button