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It's all about you and the way you enjoy Flow TV. That's why we're improving our TV features and menu to enhance your viewing experience.

What's up next

With the new extended programming bar at the bottom of your screen, all you need to know about the next show is one glance away.


Stay in control

Missed a key scene or simply want to pick up where you left off? Now you can easily rewind or fast-forward 30 seconds by using your remote's left or right buttons. This feature works for on demand, live TV and recordings. (Please note you cannot fast-forward live TV.)


New categories added to Favorites

Find everything much faster with our new ‘favorites' list. It helps you locate the type of entertainment you want to watch with ease. Plus, you can still make selections from other categories, even if you're browsing another list.

Know your remote

Finally, no need to play the guessing game. We've added a short description of each button to your TV guide; so, you'll know how every button can help you.


With improvements to its unique user-interface, Flow on Demand is destined to keep you easily entertained!

We've moved "recently watched" to the first selected folder. Divided "TV series" into "TV channels" and "TV shows"; and even given HBO and FOX their own individual folders.

All this and more to help you watch your TV seamlessly!


Navigate with ease: Took a sneak peek at upcoming shows in your TV guide? Good news! Your TV guide will now automatically take you back to today's programming when you navigate to another channel.

Find it faster: We've improved and consolidated some features to make it easier and quicker for you to enjoy your TV.

  • Find all radio related functions in one single menu
  • Access the USB feature directly from the configuration menu
  • Utilize the exit button to consistently go back one step from any location in the main menu
  • Chose a channel not currently available? We'll automatically take you to the next available channel

Plus, Flow TV remembers your parental pin while you're on the parental control menu for up to 15 minutes; so, you won't have to enter it again and again.


Say goodbye to the features you don't need. We've removed the non-active messaging and caller ID setting so you won't have to worry about a thing.

Got any additional questions? We are happy to help!


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