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No, Flow Wi-Fi will not impact the speeds of your primary residential Broadband service as it uses a separate data access portal.

No, you will not be able to access Flow Wi-Fi in your home. You will only have access to your primary Broadband connection.

No, this service will not show up on your monthly bill.
Yes, currently this service is FREE to all Flow Broadband residential customers
Flow Wi-Fi offers speeds of up to 10Mbps download and up to 3Mbps upload
All Flow residential Broadband customers in good standing are eligible to enjoy this new feature.
Flow Wi-Fi is a new feature offered to existing residential Broadband customers which gives access to free Wi-Fi on the go.

Once a sub profile is completed, a notification email from "Flow ToGo Registration" is sent to the email address entered in the sub profile.

Only individuals with administration rights can setup a sub-profile. This individual is usually the owner of the subscription account.

Yes, customers can use the Flow ToGo app at any location where an accessible Wi-Fi connection exists.

  • From a Computer:
  • iPhone and iPad search on the Apple store for "Flow ToGo"
  • Android (Smartphone and Tablet) search for "Flow ToGo" on the Play Store

To buy a current Pay Per View event, follow the steps below:
1. Select a Pay Per View channel that has an event you want to watch
2. Take note of the start time and the pricing details
3. To buy, press the B button
4. To see the purchase options display, Use the UP/DOWN arrow buttons to highlight options and press the A button to accept

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