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Flow Wi-Fi is a new feature offered to existing residential Broadband customers which gives access to free Wi-Fi on the go.

No, this product is only available to Flow residential Broadband customers.

Yes, Flow Trinidad will not restrict any access to other Wi-Fi locations but please note we do not manage these environments.

No, any Wi-Fi enabled device can access this service e.g. Tablets, mobile phones, etc. except smart televisions.

At this time, only 1 person per Flow ID account will be able to access Flow Wi-Fi at any point in time.

Yes, you can opt out at any time. Simple call our contact centre at 1 (868) 223- 3569 or send us an email at and one of our helpful agents will assist. Please note that it may take up to 2 weeks for the Flow Wi-Fi to be disabled on your modem

Call centre process flow:

Step : 1 FLOW BB Customer unwilling to grant access to Flow Wi-Fi.

Step : 2 Customer contacts FLOW call center and speaks to an agent.

Step : 3 Detail explanation of the benefits of Flow Wi-Fi and confirmation.

Step : 4 Agent advises service blocked and reconnect anytime.

No. Once you opt out of Flow Wi-Fi you cannot use this service at any location where it is available.

This service is free of charge for your friends and family therefore it eliminates the need for you to share your password or your Broadband speeds.

Once a customer is a Flow Broadband residential customer and has a Flow ID, they can access Flow Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately, we cannot restrict access to specific customers.

Yes, Flow Wi-Fi has a separate access portal and access is channeled through a separate tunnel to the world wide web therefore your privacy is always maintained.

Got any additional questions? We are happy to help!