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It's all about you and the way you enjoy Flow TV. That's why we're improving our TV features and menu to enhance your viewing experience.

What's up next

With the new extended programming bar at the bottom of your screen, all you need to know about the next show is one glance away.


Stay in control

Missed a key scene or simply want to pick up where you left off? Now you can easily rewind or fast-forward 30 seconds by using your remote's left or right buttons. This feature works for on demand, live TV and recordings. (Please note you cannot fast-forward live TV.)


New categories added to Favorites

Find everything much faster with our new ‘favorites' list. It helps you locate the type of entertainment you want to watch with ease. Plus, you can still make selections from other categories, even if you're browsing another list.

Know your remote

Finally, no need to play the guessing game. We've added a short description of each button to your TV guide; so, you'll know how every button can help you.


With improvements to its unique user-interface, Flow on Demand is destined to keep you easily entertained!

We've moved "recently watched" to the first selected folder. Divided "TV series" into "TV channels" and "TV shows"; and even given HBO and FOX their own individual folders.

All this and more to help you watch your TV seamlessly!


Navigate with ease: Took a sneak peek at upcoming shows in your TV guide? Good news! Your TV guide will now automatically take you back to today's programming when you navigate to another channel.

Find it faster: We've improved and consolidated some features to make it easier and quicker for you to enjoy your TV.

  • Find all radio related functions in one single menu
  • Access the USB feature directly from the configuration menu
  • Utilize the exit button to consistently go back one step from any location in the main menu
  • Chose a channel not currently available? We'll automatically take you to the next available channel

Plus, Flow TV remembers your parental pin while you're on the parental control menu for up to 15 minutes; so, you won't have to enter it again and again.


Say goodbye to the features you don't need. We've removed the non-active messaging and caller ID setting so you won't have to worry about a thing.

No, unfortunately, you can’t because the IPG only holds seven days of information.

Purchasing a movie is the same as setting an event timer. If the set top is on, it will change to the purchase channel once the event starts.

The easiest way to prevent unauthorized purchases is by making sure that your PIN remains confidential. It’s also a great idea to change your PIN every other month.

At the moment, this service is only available to digital TV subscribers. If your area has not yet been converted to digital, then you won’t have access to PPV.

With VOD, you can purchase and watch content at any given time. You get a 12-hour window to watch the content whenever and as often as you like. With PPV, you purchase content to watch during a time period scheduled by Flow.


Here’s a list of remote control basics.


Turn on your TV

Press the TV button

Turn on your set top box

Press the CBL button

Turn on your VCR

Press the VCR button


Set up your audio

Press the MENU button until the Settings Menu appears. Press the downward triangle to highlight Audio Preference and SELECT/OK to display options. Highlight and adjust each option to your liking. For help with options, press MENU.

Adjust the volume

Press the +VOL- button

Changing channels

Channel surf

Press the +CH- button

Select a specific channel

Use the number buttons to enter a channel number

Select the previous channel

Press the LAST button

Surf Favourites

First, make a list of your favourite channels in the Settings Menu. Then, while viewing your TV, press the FAV button to surf from one channel to the next.

Please note: you may have to program your remote control buttons before being able to use them.

Your remote control is simple to program, easy to use, and can operate up to five devices, including cable set top terminals, televisions, VCRs, DVDs and audio for CD players. Before you can use your remote control, it must be programmed (set up) to operate the above devices.

Before you get started

Some of the special features and buttons on your remote control are as follows:

Memory Guard®

Eliminates reprogramming after battery changes.

Time Out

Shuts remote off if any button is pressed and held for 45 seconds. This extends battery life in the event the remote becomes lodged under or between heavy objects.


Lets you reset your remote to its original default settings. To do this press, the CABLE and OK button together and hold both buttons down until the CABLE button lights up. Then press MENU, then MENU again. The CABLE button will blink and go out.

Install two new AAA alkaline batteries as indicated by the diagram in the battery compartment. When the batteries become low and need to be replaced, the SAT, TV, VCR, DVD, AUDIO buttons will not illuminate normally or at all during use. When this happens, replace the existing batteries with two new AAA alkaline batteries. Your remote control has Memory Guard which eliminates the need for reprogramming after battery changes.

It’s also pre-programmed to operate Motorola DCT digital set top terminals. If, for some reason, you need to set your remote to operate your set top box, follow the instructions below:

1. Press OK/SEL, then press MUTE together until the power/mode buttons illuminate in slow rotation (i.e. CABLE > TV > VCR > DVD > AUDIO > CABLE)

2. The three digit code for the Motorola DCT is 001. Enter this into the keypad of the remote control. The cable set top terminal will turn off.

3. Then, press OK/SEL to lock in the code. The POWER button will blink 3 times and go out.

To view Parentally Controlled channels, follow these steps:

Press the menu key on your STB or Remote Control and use the CHAN keys to scroll
ENTER #2 Parental Control
Enter Password
Press CHAN keys to highlight the channel (s) you want to remove from the parental control; press SELECT
Take off and then put on STB to deactivate Parental Controls
These channels are now free for viewing by all. Don’t forget when you are through viewing to reset the channels you want blocked.
Programmable Remote

To set your Parental Controls, follow the steps below:

Once you have selected your password, you can now place channels under Parental Control.
Press the menu key on your STB or Remote Control and use the CHAN keys to scroll
ENTER #2 Parental Control
Type in your password; Then press ENTER
ENTER #1 Parental Control Guide
Use the CHAN keys to highlight the channel (s) you want to block
Press SELECT after each channel you choose to block
Repeat this process for as many channels as you would like to place under parental control
Take off and then put on STB to activate the Parental Control
You have successfully blocked the channels you want under Parental Control.

To set your Parental Controls password, follow the steps below:

Press the menu key on your STB or Remote Control and use the CHAN keys to scroll.
ENTER #7 Control Panel
ENTER #4 Set Password
ENTER # 1Parental Control
Enter your 4 digit password using the numbers 0-9; then press ENTER
Enter your 4 digit password again for verification; and press ENTER once more
Your password is now set

To set up Parental Controls for the Adult section of Flow On Demand, follow the steps below.

1. While you’re in the On Demand section, click on the MENU button

2. Use the UP/DOWN arrow buttons to browse the Menu until Parental Controls is highlighted

3. Press the SELECT/OK button

4. You’ll be prompted to enter your PIN if you have one, or set your PIN if you don’t

5. Use the UP/DOWN arrow buttons to highlight the Locking option

6. Press the SELECT/OK button

7. Use the UP/DOWN arrow buttons to select the ON option then press SELECT/OK

After the Parental Control is activated, the Adult section of Flow On Demand can only be accessed when the user enters the Parental Control PIN.

Got any additional questions? We are happy to help!