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Broadband Packages

Surf, Stream, Download and Game faster than ever before.
PlanSpeed (Down/Up)Monthly Rental Price (1YR)Monthly Rental Price(N/C)
Superfast 60up to 6Mb / up to 2Mb$69.00$79.99
Superfast 120up to 12Mb / up to 4Mb$94.99$104.99
Superfast 240up to 24Mb / up to 8Mb$134.99$145.98
Superfast 480up to 48Mb / up to 20Mb$194.99$205.98
Superfast 720up to 72Mb / up to 30Mb$249.00 
Superfast 960up to 96Mb / up to 50Mb$294.99 
** Superfast 240 and 480 plans require customers to replace the modem. See more details here.

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