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Postpaid Plans

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We designed the Postpaid package to give you the freedom to adjust your plan from month to month, depending on your needs. Plus, any unused minutes or texts will carry over to the next month.

Ready for a longer commitment? Sign up for a 12 or 24-month contract and you’ll get a discount towards a new phone.

Select our MyPlan Base Plan package below:


Base Plan
Plan Local Minutes Local Texts Data Cost
MyPlan Base 100 100 250 MB $29.99


Or Customise your plan with the following Bolt Ons:


Data Bolt On
MONTHLY CHARGE $9.99 $18.99 $42.99 $59.99 $79.99 $109.99 $159.99 $259.99


Minutes Plans
Minutes Price
200 $20.00/mo
300 $28.00/mo
500 $45.00/mo
1000 $75.00/mo


Text Bolt On
Plan Texts Price
My Text 1000 1000 $5


My Share Plan
My Share Plan Numbers


Voice Calls
Outside Your Plan

Usage outside your plan

  FLOW to FLOW mobile FLOW to FLOW landline FLOW to other mobile operators FLOW to other landline FLOW to FLOW Regional Incoming call FLOW landline
Calls (all day) $0.30 $0.30 $0.45 $0.30 $0.30 FREE


MyRoaming Plans
MyPlan Base Destination Monthly Charge
Includes: 30 minutes 30 SMS 30 MB Data
To USA or FLOW Anywhere Roaming Data


Data Bolt On
500 MB 1 GB
$100.00 $150.00
Terms & Conditions

Time band

Daytime: Monday to Friday 6 AM to 8 PM
Evening: Monday to Friday 8 PM to 6 AM
Weekend: Midnight Friday to Midnight Sunday

Prices in US Dollars and are inclusive of VAT. All prices are per minute, billed per second from the first second. FLOW Terms and Conditions apply. Roaming charges billed separately. Out of plan rates will be billed at the applicable local rates. Calls and texts in the base plan are to any local mobile or landline only. Anywhere Minutes include all World destinations with the exception of the following: Antarctica, Ascension, Cook Islands, Cuba, Cuba-Guantanamo, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Solomon Islands, Guinea Bissau, Norfolk Islands, Saint Helena, Sao Tome and Principe, Syrian Arab Republic, Vanuatu (Republic Of). Anywhere texts include any worldwide destination.


Music & more

Mobile Web

It's kind of why we put "Entertainment" in our name: media, wallpapers, ringtones, and so much more. Check out our downloads to make your phone more than just a phone.

Picture Messaging

Share your favorite moments with your family and friends. Send a picture message and let everyone in on the fun.

Text Messaging

Don't want to make that call? Too noisy to talk? Send a text message.



With an ever increasing need for additional storage for our many smart devices, FLOW mobile customers can now enjoy the MyCloud app. It offers 3 types of plans - one (1) free and two (2) with a monthly charge.

Customers who sign up for a MyPlan base and take a 500MB up to 5GB mobile data plan will be given a free 3GB cloud storage account.

Customers who use their entire 3GB plan can then upgrade to a 25GB or 50GB for a small monthly fee. See our terms & conditions.


MyCloud FAQs

For more information on MyCloud. Please see our FAQs


Plan Details
MyCloud Storage  
Plan Monthly Charge
3GB Free
25GB $8.00p/m BDS
50GB $15.00p/m BDS


Plan Details
Description MyCloud Subscription Plan Name MyCloud Plan Size / Space Quota
MyCloud Storage - Free 3GB Standard 3G Plan with 3G
MyCloud Storage - 25GB Premium Plan with 25GB
MyCloud Storage - 50GB Premium Plan with 50GB