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Select your new Plan size.

FLOW’s new combo plans include exactly what you want. Choose from 5 simple plans each with more data, talk time and SMS.

No need to worry about your credit when making local calls – our plans include Local Anywhere Mins & SMS.



Have a question, see our Frequently Asked Questions!


Build exactly what you’re looking for.

Our Prepaid plans always come standard with these key features:

  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • 3-Way Calling


The standard data roaming rates apply. Auto renewal is also applicable for all 3, 7 and 30 day existing and new prepaid data plans. 


Prepaid Data: Rates & Discounted Data Plans

Standard data rate: $0.31 per MB.

Love great value? Our Discounted Data Plans gives you significantly lower data costs that can be used for browsing, social media, video & audio streaming and many other app uses. The Discounted Data Plans come in different sizes and duration times to fit any need and wallet.

Some of our bundles have optional auto-renewal so that you can enjoy discounted data rates without disruption. The auto-renew functionality can be turned off at any time.

All data users get superfast 4G as standard, as long as you have a 4G compatible phone and coverage. Also standard is ultrafast 4G LTE if you have a 4G LTE compatible phone, a 4G LTE Sim and coverage. Visit any FLOW store to find out more.


Data Plans



Data MB


1 day



3 day



7 day



7 day



14 day



30 day



30 day



30 day



30 day



30 day



Daytime: Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm

Evening: Monday - Friday 6pm to 8am

Weekend: Midnight Friday to midnight Sunday


Rates Per Minute For Out Of Plan Usage
Timeband FLOW Mobile to Mobile FLOW Mobile to FLOW Landline FLOW Mobile to Other Mobile Operator
Anytime $0.37 $0.37 $0.37


terms and

View answers to your questions on our prepaid plans here:

Frequently Asked Questions


Prices in US Dollars. All prices are per minute, billed per second from the first second. FLOW Terms and Conditions apply. Roaming charges billed separately. Out of plan rates will be billed at the applicable local rates. International calls applies to all International Direct Dialed calls to the USA, Canada, Caribbean islands where FLOW operates and UK fixed lines only. Text Messages may be sent to local and regional FLOW mobiles, other local mobile operators and internationally. Inclusive data is only for local usage. Prepaid Customers must maintain a minimum balance of $1 in order to access these services. References to the inclusion of calls to Trinidad & Tobago applies to calls to Telecommunication Services of Trinidad & Tobago (TSTT) mobiles and landlines ONLY.


FLOW faves
for prepaid

With FLOW Faves, FLOW mobile customers get unlimited local calls and texts to their 5 favorite people on the FLOW mobile and landline networks.

To Sign Up for Faves



For Faves 7 Days - Dial *125*7# - $15

For Faves 30 Days - Dial *125*30# - $45



Managing Your Faves List
Faves Inquiry : Dial *125*0#

Add a phone number to your Faves list:

Dial *127*1*phone number#

Delete a phone number from your Faves list:

Dial *127*0*phone number#

Delete all numbers in your Faves list:



FLOW Terms and Conditions apply. Additional charges apply for deleting numbers from your Faves list. Dial *125*0# for help. Regular rates apply to calls and text messages to persons not on your Faves list. Minimum core balance of $0.01 required to use FLOW Faves.


TopUp Choices

We’re always there for you. That’s why you'll find a number of TopUp locations island-wide and overseas. From Flow retail stores to TopUp kiosks in supermarkets and gas stations – there’s always a way to stay in touch. Of course, you can TopUp online anytime at https://topupflow.com.


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