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Yes, we'll need to swap out your SIM, so you can access the LTE network. You can visit any FLOW Retail store to have your SIM swapped for free after you have signed up for your new LTE data plan.
If you're a prepaid customer with an LTE phone & LTE FLOW SIM, simply dial *129# to view the new prepaid LTE plans. 
If you're a postpaid customer with an LTE device & LTE SIM, visit the retail store to upgrade your plan to an LTE one. FLOW has new packages for light and heavy users, with plans up to 25GB.

The SWIFT messaging is subject to an FUP. Visit a FLOW store to find out more.

No, the SWIFT messaging/ texts will come out of the Social media bucket and not the regular data bucket. After the SM plan has been depleted, the messaging/ texts will come out of regular data.

Yes. Subs will receive a notification that the plan has been deducted from their account and that the social media expires on XXX Day (no volume balance will shown).

All data (SWIFT and Non-SWIFT) should come from remaining data bucket if available. If data is not available, then data will be charged at normal PAYGO rates. Customers will receive the following message when their SWIFT data has been exhausted:

You have used your SWIFT Plan allotment. You can continue to use data from your plan if available or purchase another plan to access SWIFT again. Dial*129#

SWIFT usage will continue to deduct from the SWIFT bucket; non-SWIFT data usage cannot be done unless another data plan is purchased (this is in place to protect our customers from PAYGO charges). Customers will receive the following message:

You have used 100% of your data plan. You can continue to enjoy your SWIFT plan however, for all other data access, please purchase a new plan by dialling *129#


Data will be charged at normal PAYGO charges. Customers will receive both notifications above that their allotments have been exhausted.

Yes. Because the Apps (Snapchat, Whats App, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) are constantly updating in the background, they may deduct a very small amount of data while this happens.

C&W has a wide portfolio of commercial interests, we continue to evaluate our product offers and take strategic decisions that we feel are in the best interest of our customers and the company.

The E! Entertainment LA channel will be removed from our TV line up.

The channel will be removed by 11:59 pm on October 31st, 2019

No, you will not see a reduction in your bill. Your cable charges are not calculated on a per channel basis, but rather with due consideration for the programming costs. As such, we have put together the best packages which will be affordable for our customers.

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